Sectors of intervention

Ram Elettronica develops specific planning solutions in the following sectors:





Thanks to its great experience in the milling sector and to its high qualified personnel, Ram Elettronica is able to develop advanced automation solutions, supervision softwares for all needs, electric power plants as well as automation and control ones for milling industries. Ram Elettronica develops turnkey solutions in order to guarantee quality, precision and safety.


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Thanks to its great experience and to the use of advanced products, Ram Elettronica develops advanced automation and supervision systems as well as electric power plants for the management of feed mills. Ram Elettronica develops custom-made solutions in order to offer efficiency and effectiveness.



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Ram Elettronica is able to develop any kind of computer design solution regarding the management, the supervision and the industrial automation in the pasta factory field, guaranteeing excellent results thanks to the acquired know-how. The excellent quality of our solutions is guaranteed not only by our experience, but also by the use of always advanced solutions and products.


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Ram Elettronica develops advanced technical solutions in order to cover any kind of need related to automation and electrical power plants for the coffee roasting field, offering our experience and expertise to the customer.


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aziende farmaceutiche


Ram Elettronica deals with the planning and the realization of electrical power plants and electrical switchboard for industrial automation in the pharmaceutical sector, developing plants in order to meet the needs of the customer and using innovative technologies and materials.



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altri settori


Thanks to its technical planning office and to its high qualified personnel, Ram Elettronica develops electrical power plants and advanced supervision and automation solutions for several other sectors: photovoltaic plants, wineries, oil mills, diary factories and electric civil plants.



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