Pharmaceutical Industry

RAM Elettronica: Industria farmaceutica

RAM for the Pharmaceutical industry

From design to the realization of electrical plants and electrical panels for the pharmaceutical industry automation, RAM designs and manufactures plants adapted to the most strict regulations thanks to the use of advanced technologies and innovative materials.


Customised software solutions for automation and efficiency.

Supervision and control

We develop programmable logic software (PLC) and we create human-machine interaction systems (HMI) customized and aimed to supervision, control and data acquisition of our plants.(SCADA).

Our services:

Supervision system on platforms:

  • Siemens SIMATIC WinCC Runtime;
  • Rockwell FactoryTalk View;
  • Wonderware InTouch e SystemPlatform.

Solutions IoT for data history in Cloud Storage:

  • Siemens Mindsphere.

Solutions for data history in Local Storage

  • Siemens SIMATIC WinCC Process Historian;
  • Rockwell FactoryTalk Historian;
  • Wonderware Historian & InSight.

Performance analysis:

  • Siemens SIMATIC Performance Insight MindSphere App.

Preventive and predictive maintenance.


The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is the software solution specialized in the production management.

The MES is a system that acquires and provides information that allow the optimization of production activities from the start of the order to the finished product. Using current and accurate real-time data, the MES guides, responds and informs on the activities of the plant and production departments as well as when they happen. The resulting speed of reaction, combined with the attention on reducing the activities without added value, lead the operations and the processes of the plant to the maximum efficiency. The MES has the purpose to detect all the information related to the production in real time. The MES fills the gap between the ERP systems (administrative and accounting) and the machine control systems (PLC, SCADA MES) combining the optimization of production and logistics processes with the control of the availability of resources and the quality of products.

Building Automation HVAC

A building controlled by a Building Automation system is able to adapt and evolve itself according to structural and technological changes.

RAM Elettronica offers Building Automation solutions with the possibility to intelligently manage buildings with the aim to reduce the management costs, to improve the quality of life, to raise the security level and to reduce the energy wastes.

The partnerships with the best brands of the sector ensure the use of technologically evolved products in compliance with the laws in force.

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Plant engineering

Plants and electrical panels projected and realized to last over time.

Installations and electrical panels

All the plants and electrical panels are manufactured in compliance with the laws in force (also ATEX) in order to ensure maximum safety standards,all accompanied by complete and always updated documentation.

Our services:

  • Engineering consultancy;
  • Design MT/BT;
  • Installation and maintenance of MV/LV transformer;
  • Power Center;
  • Electrical Lines BT;
  • Driving force installations;
  • Interior lighting systems;
  • Outdoor lighting systems;
  • Revamping e retrofitting;
  • Public lighting systems;
  • Earthing systems.

RAM Elettronica is in compliance with the requirements of the management system standard ISO 9001:2015 for the design, installation and maintenance of electrical plants and for the design and realization of electrical command and automation panels.

Moreover RAM Elettronica management system is in compliance with ISO 14001:2015 requirements for the design, installation and maintenance of electrical, civil and industrial plants and for the design and realization of electrical and automation command panels.

On-board electrical plants

Electrical plants at the service of machines and automatic plants in compliance with the regulation CEI EN 60204.

Energy savings solutions

RAM develops customized solutions to ensure significant energy savings.

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Smoke detection systems

We design and realize fire detection systems with the possibility of remote assistance.

  • Smoke aspiration systems;
  • Gas detection systems;
  • Smoke detection systems during aspiration phase;
  • Smoke and gas supervision system;
  • Maintenance.

All the plants are compliant with the norms UNI 9795:2013 e UNI EN 1122:2002.

RAM also offers HILTI® anti-fire solutions such as:

  • Sleeves and anti-fire cable glands for the crossing of rigid/flexible walls and slabs;
  • Fire protection cushion;
  • Fireproof panels;
  • Fire-fighting foams.

Video surveillance systems TVCC

RAM designs and manufactures video surveillance systems with the possibility of remote assistance.

We realize stand alone and client/server systems.

Anti-intrusion systems

We design and manufacture anti-intrusion systems, with wiring and wireless installations and with the possibility of remote assistance.

Atmospheric discharges systems

RAM designs and manufactures plants according to specific regulations with the aim of reducing the probability of a structure lightning.

Thermographic inspections for electrical plants

The preventive maintenance increases the security and the reliability level of the plants, allowing to reduce the costs of unpredicted machines downtime.

RAM is able to carry out accurate thermographic inspections that allow a precise check of electrical plants.

Domotics (KNX)

Design and realization of domotics electrical plants with standard KNX.

Structured Cabling

  • Design and construction of structured cabling with copper and fiber optic cabling for data cabinets in Data center and Server rooms;
  • Fiber attestation through core alignment splicer;
  • Certified network points via Fluke Networks instrumentation;
  • Design and realization of air conditioning for CED rooms and Server rooms;

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