Digitalization comes to pasta

RAM Elettronica: partnership con Siemens

Siemens and RAM Elettronica for a new solution to produce high quality pasta.

RAM Elettronica is specialized in monitoring plants for pasta production all around the world, thanks to its department of remote assistance. RAM is mainly present in Italy collaborating with many great companies involved in the milling industry and pasta production.

RAM has developed a new technology for product quality check, which consists of a patented image recognition system by means of artificial vision devices embedded with IoT connectivity to ensure the required quality of the entire pasta production process.

“Thanks to the partnership with Siemens, we have developed an IIoT solution that allows remote monitoring, performs real-time analysis of the semi-finished product, looks for and identifies defects and extracts data from the assets”, says Riccardo Scarcelli, Technical Director of the company. “These data are collected and sent to the Cloud to obtain accurate information regarding the production, making them available everywhere, and to improve productive performance of the whole process”.

Integration with Siemens MindSphere ecosystem

The image recognition device, which formerly was a stand-alone off-net system, is now provided with connectivity features that turn it into an IoT solution provided with MindSphere integration, in order to generate new added value for the customers.
This integration allows to store local data coming from the automation units on the Cloud, transform them into timeseries and grant the accessibility to those data to every authorized user through a web browser.
Initially, the data were available only locally within the factory through a physical connection to the control unit. Data were not subjected to aggregation and statistical analysis and could not be presented in a readable fashion.
After the integration of the MindSphere operating system and its applications, not only the data are remotely available, but it is now possible to elaborate them and perform analytical operations seamlessly. In fact, applications like Performance Insight have been used to compute KPIs and create dashboards to make data readable and useful.
From these applications it is possible for RAM’s customers to gain valuable insights regarding the phases involved in the pasta production and information about the quality of these processes.

Data for quality check: advantages for pasta makers

The pasta manufacturers that decide to adopt this IoT solution can benefit from the quality control and the thorough transparency of the production process.

The advantages for a quality manager can be summarized with the following concepts:

  • Thorough visibility to production, efficiency and monitoring data
  • Easy multi-device access to multiple plants
  • N-dimensional data analysis with customizable dashboards based on different employees or stakeholders

The results can be appreciated on the tables, at restaurant or at home, ensuring the best result coming from the secret recipes of the master pasta makers.


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